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Premium Lumbar Support Stretcher: Back Pain Relief, Spine Correction, and Waist Massage with Cervical Memory Pillow

Premium Lumbar Support Stretcher: Back Pain Relief, Spine Correction, and Waist Massage with Cervical Memory Pillow

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Brand Name: CAMMUO

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Application: Waist

Size: Medium

Material: ABS & TPR

Name: Pain Relief Stretcher

Material: EVA TPE

Color: Pink, Blue, Grey

Weight: 0.4kg

Size(Length*Width): 30*24.5*9 cm

Feature 1: back stretcher

Feature 2: neck

Feature 3: Waist support

Feature 4: back pain relief

Feature 5: Stretching exercise

Feature 6: neck and back stretcher

Feature 7: Lumbar pad

Feature 8: Waist support

Feature 9: beauty health

【It can be used on the floor, bed, or chair 】Years of hard work, prolonged sitting, & bad posture apply damaging tension to your vertebrae, This causes your spinal discs to squeeze out of place & put pressure on your nerves, leading to that sharp pain in your neck, lower back, and down your legs.

【Simple steps 】

Lying down on Lumbar Soothing Device for just 10 minutes a day, progressively solves the root cause of your discomfort, eliminate agonizing neck & back pain at home.

【High Quality and Safe to Use 】

Releasing Neck & Back Stretcher is made of high-quality materials and workmanship,lightweight,strong and stable, not easy to deform or damage. It is also easy to clean and store, does not take up much space

【Back and Neck Stretcher Posture Corrector 】

It can naturally restores the optimal curvature of your spine, & retrains your muscles to maintain a healthy posture for good, thus removing the stress from the vital areas of your torso.

【Newest version of the Refresh neck & back stretcher 】

This takes damaging tension off your squeezing pain, leaving you with a healthy, pain-free back & a smile on your face.

Sedentary work comfortable massage

Partial traction and stretching of the lumbar spine, correct sitting posture

Don't forget to take care of your lumbar spine

Sitting at a desk for a long time, lack of exercise

Arc stretching physical traction

Relieve back pain and get the lumbar spine back to the 26° physiological curve

Relieve neck fatigue, Soft massage bumps

Traction and stretching on the cervical spine

Cervical spine stretching, Bump massage

Are you obsessed by the these problems?

Nerve damage, lumbar muscle stain, blood damage, organ damage, lumbar instability, numbness damage

Effective Load-bearing 100KG

Even massage| Tough and durable| Clear cushioning

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